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We provide throttle body shaft bushing service for all Crossfire Injection Throttle Bodies.


After you receive your newly bushed throttle bodies from us, it is "IMPAIRATIVE" that you rebalance the throttle bodies, adjust the transmission TV cable and adjust the TPS voltage (.525v) for correct operation of the motor. We hope you enjoy the new found performance and smoother operation of your crossfire motor. If you have any questions concerning this notice, feel free to send us email on our Contact Us page.

We now provide a complete throttle body restoration and rebuild service for all crossfire throttle bodies. The service includes, full cleaning and surface restoration, complete rebuild kit, bushing service and we also offer this with injector servicing. Throttle bodies are set to a near close to balance setting for ease of installation.

DCS now also has a throttle body boring service. If you need more airflow, boring the throttle bodies to 2.0 inches may be what you're looking for. Both throttle bodies are bored to 2.0 inches plus we install new bushings, cut new OEM balance ports which retains the stock easy balancing capability that other companies do not do, new throttle plates and clean the throttle bodies. 2.0 inch TBs flow in excess of 700 CFM. Larger bore sizes will be available later. Price is for one set of throttle bodies.


When shipping us your serviceable throttle body cores, please remove the TPS, IAC's and the injector towers. We only need the throttle body bases. NOTE: The term “Serviceable Core” means that your throttle body bases are not cracked/broken or worn beyond reconditioning. We must receive your throttle body core before we will send out a bushed throttle body set. If you would like your same throttle bodies back, please indicate that in some documentation packed with your shipment. If the cores are deemed “unserviceable” we will contact you to determine what to do next.


GM offered a replacement chip for a TC lock-up issue on the 84 Corvette that is no longer available from GM. DCS now offers a custom upgraded chip for the stock 84 Automatic Corvettes. In the chip are improved torque converter lockup parameters, additional fueling and spark advance at Wide Open Throttle (WOT). This chip is for the performance minded person who doesn't want to replace his current ECM and learn how to tune using a laptop, but just wants to do a plug-and-play swap and have the added performance gain over the stock chip. This chip is also 100% compatible with a 180 thru 195 degree thermostat and does not require going to a 160 degree thermostat.




Check This Out


Would you like to have your Corvette, Camaro or Firebird featured on our site? As a DCS customer, all you have to do is send us a 400x300 pixel jpg file and we'll post it in the Gallery section. Also tell us a little about the mods you have done for others to see.